Council of State Historical Records Coordinators

Current Projects

COSHRC (now known as CoSA) has produced several reports and projects and given presentations on account of historical records.

COSHRC prepared a document in March 2013 titled Importance of State Archives which identified significance of State archives' roles and functions in all states and territories of the United States. Another report was sent to Governors, State Legislatures and the President of the United States in February 2007 named Safeguarding a Nation's Identity. The report emphasized on why and what records should be preserved to secure who we are as a nation. In January 2007, a status report on State Archives and Management Programs was created that gave a comprehensive and detailed overview of state archives and record management programs. A panel also discussed the findings of the report and recommended improvements in state archives and record management programs.

The 2006 survey of COSHRC about State Historical Records Advisory Board described the current status of advisory boards in all 50 states and offered comparison of data collected in earlier years. The 2004 survey was designed to access conditions of state archives and record programs, measured the progress and identified solutions to be implemented across state lines.

The conference named as National Forum on Archival Continuing Education was held in April 2000. Timothy Ericson, Joan Lippincott and Nancy Zimmelman spoke at the conference and gave presentations highlighting core components of Archival Education, individual Continuing Education needs and existing continuing Education Programs.

In 1999, an evaluation was prepared on Continuing Education for COSHRC by Sandra Clark. COSHRC also prepared a comprehensive report on Historical Record Repositories in the US in 1998 titled Where History Begins. Another effort of COSHRC include a report in 1993 titled Recognizing Leadership and Partnership  which highlighted the condition of Historical Records in the States and Efforts to ensure their presentation and Use.