Council of State Historical Records Coordinators

Current Projects

COSHRC undertakes several projects which are aimed at assessing the state archival programs and to check the advancement being made by the concerned authorities and employees. Another purpose of these is to ascertain the current needs and conditions. These projects also measure the progress and effectiveness of the methods being used.

The conclusions that are drawn from various projects helps form guidelines for developing better measures for effective working of the organization. These also provide the bases for forming strategies for better running of the systems.

The organization has ongoing projects which involve surveys of the records management programs and state archives. Among other things these involve collecting information on description activity, issues and initiatives, finances, description activity, records scheduling and reference activity. These are carried out every two years at state and local government level. The purpose behind these regular surveys is to maintain the data by updating the information. More extensive surveys are carried out every ten years.

Among the ongoing projects there is a special focus on emergency preparedness for the staff. These projects are aimed at providing guidance for preserving important records in the instance of emergencies and disasters. The need for these trainings was seen after the vast destruction brought about by the 2005 hurricanes which caused massive devastationin New Orleans and other cities.

The emergency preparedness project imparts training through seminars, workshops and also via the web. A special focus of the project is also imparting the knowledge of methods required for recovery of records. These projects are carried out at on site at the offices and also at venues across the country.

The organization also focuses on the local government and varying problems faced by them. Projects are undertaken frequently to advance the working of the local record keeping.

Aiming to advance the working of agencies and departments which are entrusted with maintaining the records of the nation the department carries out several projects. These are aimed at progression of the work carried out and also to check the work is being carried out effectively.

More information on some of the surveys carried out so far can be accessed at: