Council of State Historical Records Coordinators

Current Projects

In 2004, COSHRC conducted an in-depth survey assessing and analyzing state Archives and Historical Records. This survey also highlighted roles, responsibilities and achievements of SHRAB (State Historical Records Advisory Board) in each state and territory. COSHRC also compared the findings of this survey to previously done surveys and drew conclusions based on its findings. Other organizations and agencies also contributed and helped COSHRC to document information as well as current needs and conditions.

This survey had its manifold impact. It created a system to access state archival programs regularly and measure their efficiency and progress. It articulated national strategic direction to ensure preservation of our national historical records and archives. It also raised awareness among masses about our rich historical assets and made sure that these records were easily accessible to public who wanted to benefit them.

COSHRC had also conducted earlier surveys and produced reports which were used to derive results and suggest improvements in the system devised to preserve the historical records and maintain their easy accessibility.

Continuing its tradition and efforts, COSHRC after renamed as CoSA conducted several surveys, produced reports, organized workshops, seminars and presentations to ensure that necessary information reaches out to public and they get aware of their heritage. Details of all the surveys and reports can be followed in Reports and Surveys section.