Council of State Historical Records Coordinators


  • COSHRC is dealing with the issue of preserving American Historical Record. The PAHR Bill was introduced in 2009 and it is considered to bring support and care to organizations that are putting every effort to preserve archives and historical records. COSHRC is seeking sponsors in the United States House of Representatives to pass this bill.
  • COSHRC brings forwards latest editions of Manual on Managing Gubernatorial Records and other useful resources.
  • COSHRC is in contact with a number of local and government organizations who are digitalizing historical records and Archives for their long term preservation as well as easy accessibility online. COSHRC is negotiating deals keeping in mind long-term benefit of these organizations and public to ensure greater good. COSHRC has developed a Statement on Digital Access Partnerships to deal with such issues smoothly.
  • COSHRC has devised its policy for sales of archival records for local organizations and people who want to look at these records and are interested to purchase them. COSHRC guides them so to ensure proper management and care with which these records are used or saved.
  • COSHRC is taking every step to ensure that historical records and public Archives are handled properly by the people, local organizations and the government.
  • COSHRC has issued statements about significance of State Archival Programs. It also supports State and Local History Agencies in America.
  • COSHRC endorsed Allen Weinstein to become Archivist of the United States in 2004. NAGARA and SAA governing boards also supported this endorsement.