Council of State Historical Records Coordinators


COSHRC deals with records at governmental and private sector level in preserving the history of the nation. These relate to various fields including sports, arts and culture, religion, architecture and much more.

There is great importance attached to the work carried out by COSHRC. The records provide a better understanding of history and help interpret the past. This in turn provides information which is important in determining the future course of action. Other than helping trace history, the records help safeguard the rights of the citizens. They are useful in tracing information about individuals and also play a vital role as proof and evidence.

There are various issues that COSHRC faces in carrying out its work. In order to accomplish its work efficiently, the organization needs a substantial amount of funds from the government. Part of this issue is the effective dispersing of the available funds. This matter has also been stressed in the governmental document 'Preserving the American Historical Record Bill' which proposes the increase of federal support for records held at state and local government level. The bill further addresses the major concerns faced by COSHRC. These include support in the form of wider access tools, protection against harm of material and better training for the employees.

One of the issues faced by the organization is the managing of governors records. These are made available for analysis by the public. Efficient recording and storing of these saves public resources and provides a transparent view of the government process and actions. Governor's records form the bases on which the governmental officials can be held accountable.

Another matter that the organization is concerned with is the sale of records at both state and local government level. COSHRC keeping the interest of citizens in view controls the selling of records. To achieve this, the organization works in collaboration with the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators (NAGARA). Together the three organizations work out guidelines for sale transactions.