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Web-based Training
for Archivists and Other Historical Record Keepers

Last updated May 9, 2013

With changing times innovations have taken over all fields. Change has also had a large impact on education and new mediums have been introduced to facilitate both learners and tutors. Web based learning and training programs have proved highly successful in both educational and professional fields. Not staying behind COSHRC has also utilized the medium, which has proved to be highly successful and effective in training archivists and record keepers. Not only does it save time but it reaches to a bigger number of staff and professionals. Also it has provided the convenience of utilizing the available programs at any time and place.

These web based training courses are accessible by both state level and local government professionals. Topics that E-learning offers are wide in range and cover basics as well as specialized areas. Areas covered include training on collection, handling and sorting of data. Special training for transferring data to archives is among the various advanced trainings that COSHRC offers through web learning. Also included is the specialized work like disaster management and restorative work.

The web based education has especially proved effective in the state of Oregon. In the state there are trainings available for Oregon County Government. These learning sessions are a combination of audio and visual. At the end of a ten minute quiz is also carried out to monitor the effectiveness of the session. Another worth mentioning program has been the Ohio Historical Society Online Workshop.

There is a wide choice of programs available in different cities. There is a choice of on line workshops available. Also more structured programs are available. To further assist the professionals a number of resources for archival management are also available on the websites. These include technical information as well.

ARC home | NFACE 1999-2000 Directory | Web-based Training

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Last updated May 9, 2013