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The Archives Resource Center (ARC) was developed in response to the call for a Web-based information clearinghouse, which was the highest priority in the Action Agenda developed at the National Forum on Archival Continuing Education (NFACE).

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Archival Resource Center:

COSHRC has undertaken several initiatives to make advancements in its work. One such venture has been sharing a selection of data and resources. For this purpose access to records and materials is also provided through the website. The available resources are regularly revised and newer material is uploaded to keep the information up to date.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate sharing, the option of uploading the data is also available to administrations. Through the web based service information can be shared among various states and territories. The facility also provides the chance to share practices and tools related with record management which is of great use in the effective performance by the related agencies and professionals.

The available data is state specific but at the same time it relates to other states. The concepts and principles are applicable to the various records held in other territories as well. Also these are highly useful for relating the data.

The records are made available for various purposes. They provide a better understanding of the projects carried out and are used in the courses carried out by the organization. These resources are useful in study by the organization to work out better strategies in the future as well. Use of these records also extends to educational and outreach programs.

The available material traces the history of the country and the changes that have shaped the nation. Among other records there is history of changing music scene in America. Also part of the records is the diverse sports heritage of the nation which includes authentic American games like baseball, rodeo and basketball.

The available resources include material which has information regarding the organization, archives and record programs. Additionally these provide information pertaining to State Coordinators and the State historical records advisory boards (SHRABs). There is also a record of the collaborations by various agencies and professionals.

Also available is information regarding the federal agencies and preservation and conservation organizations. Funding is another topic covered in the material available. Also available is the information on special initiatives and events being held in different cities.