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Educational Programs Offered by State Archives
Last updated May 9, 2013

The documents handled by COSHRC are on diverse subjects. These are related to various fields including agriculture, military, science and technology, religion, civil wars and much more. History of art and culture in the US is one of the major topics covered by the organization. There is a wide data base of materials relating to ballet, opera, dance and other performing arts which are preserved by COSHRC.

Other than the variety of subject matter the materials of record is also assorted. These include paperwork, videos, sound recordings, micro film and architecture. In order to effectively sort and persevere the material on the variety of subjects the organization carries out programs to train for its staff. The aim of these programs is to increase productivity and bring up the standard of performance.

Available trainings include basic information relating to reformatting records, file management, record management, collection of data, records center procedures and retention schedule. Also included is special training on disaster planning which prepares the employees to effectively deal with unforeseen misfortunes including hurricanes, earthquakes etc. These have proved especially useful in recovery of records in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

In order to electronically sort the data specific programs on use of computers and document imaging form a major part of the educational programs offered by COSHRC. Additionally extensive programs on preservation and conversion methods are also held to facilitate the employees.

The available educational programs are at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Trainings are carried out through classes, seminars, conferences and workshops. Also daily training is provided in the workplace. These trainings are held both locally and at state level.

The organization has a program Basics of Archives Continuing Education (BACE) that is aimed at individuals who have no or limited prior know how of the archival methods. Among other programs carried out by COSHRC are 'Management Training Series' and 'Records and Information Management in the New Millennium: Statutes, Policies and Procedures for Connecticut State Agencies.'

The main aim of COSHRC is to preserve the historical data. Additionally it also works towards making available educational programs which are aimed at a variety of audiences. Other than the employees the organization also makes accessible the materials for educational programs to be used in formal learning in schools, colleges and universities.

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Last updated: May 9, 2013