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Archives Week 2004:
Activities Planned by Organizations and Repositories

Archival organizations throughout the nation celebrate Archives Week in which they organize several activities in different cities and states. They are mostly held in October with vide variety of activities including information fairs and festivals, exhibitions, lectures, tours, open houses, workshops, symposiums and many more to raise awareness about Archives and Archivists everywhere.

In 2009, the celebrations took place in the month of October. Extra-ordinary collections of archives were collected around New England. Mid-Atlantic chose the concept choosing our Better History and promoted local activities in New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Activities also included Antiques Road shows, free publications, opportunities to talk to Archivists about historical value of letters, papers, photographs and other archival objects. Workshops and Seminars were arranged in different states to increase public awareness and enlighten the Archival communities. Film Day was celebrated in Arizona and family days were celebrated at several states. Indiana based week’s celebrations on the theme of Indiana Remembers Lincoln. Exhibitions and symposiums were part of Louisiana’s celebrations. Mississippi Department of Archives and History presented a popular program named “Personal Treasures” to interact with public and invite them to show their treasure to others. South Carolina celebrated Vision of Yesterday, Memories for Tomorrow recognizing photographic and visual riches in repositories. Following the success of Archival awareness, UK and Ireland also conducted an awareness campaign to celebrate and uncover amazing wealth of Archives. More information about events in 2009 is available here:

In 2010, Archives open houses and history days were celebrated in majority of states. Connecticut exhibited work of Illustrator Normand Chartier and conducted Edwin Way Teale Lecture Series. Genealogy day was celebrated in Florida. Rich heritage of Illinois was promoted by a series of events including documentaries, Conferences and Workshops. Kansas State Historical Records Advisory Board conducted couple of activities promoting awareness of historical records and their preservation. South Carolina based its activities on the theme Documents Can Change a Nation and organized exciting programs and activities with exhibitions, open days and much more. Further details about 2010 programs can be obtained by following this link:

In 2011, planned events and exhibitions displayed artifacts, correspondence and photographs. Local government, agencies and historical societies as well as Universities and cultural organizations contributed and participated in the event exploring fascinating archival materials. Oregon named the celebration as Annual Oregon Archives Crawl. Wyoming’s theme of celebrations was “Born in Wisconsin” and the events invited people and organizations to reflect on the meanings of archives in their personal lives and society. More details are available at:

The 2012 program came with another unique series of celebrations highlighting historical collections in our archives. Georgia’s historical records were promoted under the theme of “Archives: The Gift of One Generation to the Next”. Kentucky focused on sports in Archives and encouraged Public participation. Other symposiums, presentations, lectures, exhibitions and other archival display in all the states enhanced public interest in Archival records. Complete details can be followed here:

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