Council of State Historical Records Coordinators

COSHRC Mission

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Mission & Plan

COSHRC carries out its work through its employees who are represented all over the country. They are guided by a set of core values. These values are drawn out around the mission of the organization. Central to the work of the organization is to campaign for effective procedures in handling data pertaining to records. In addition to the foremost objective of preserving the historical records there are various other goals that COSHRC upholds.

One of the significant aims of the organization is to extend support to all concerned voluntary, private and governmental sectors. Working towards this end effective planning and strategies are carried out to benefit all concerned setups. Collaboration in order to carrying out its work effectively is vital to the organization and it is keenly promoted by COSHRC. This collaboration is extended towards various issues including demanding matters like emergency preparedness and electronic records.

A major aim of the organization is to promote a sense of unity in preserving the records and archives. There are efforts to strengthen relationships between all the departments. In order to achieve this goal efforts are made to maintain and develop efficient communication among all the members.

Also the interests of the members, employees and the organization itself are looked after by arranging the necessary funding. Promoting equality the organization's aim is to assure funding for all the states and territories. For this purpose COSHRC works towards a method of grant procedure. Additionally attempts are made for increased funding for all departments. In order to maximize its potential the organization utilizes the funds for training the present employees as well as future ones.

Part of the organizations aim is to have an effective and accessible website that ensures ease in sharing of data. It aims to provide a doorway to resources for the archivists and employees through its official website.

Support for professionals, employees and users, is also actively promoted by COSHRC. A dedicated aim of the organization is to expand in the area of training. For this purpose measures are taken in the form of effective planning and strategies.

COSHRC takes necessary measures that the employees and members are aware of these objectives and makes efforts that they work towards fulfilling them.