Council of State Historical Records Coordinators

About the Council of State Historical Records Coordinators

The US Organization Council of State Historical Records Coordinators (COSHRC) works on a national level to maintain and sustain the documentary heritage of the country. Work of the organization is concerned with historical records, agencies who deal with these records, and policies regarding state archives. The aim of COSHRC is to preserve the national documentary heritage and to make it accessible.

The work of the organization has been carried throughout the eighties but the proper structure of COSHRC was established in 1989. The major reason behind the establishment was to work out a method of prioritize funding. COSHRC was later voted by its members to be incorporated as a nonprofit organization. This was confirmed in 2003 with the establishment declared a 501 (c) (3) organization by IRS. Soon a new Mission Statement was adopted by the organization with a focus on teamwork.

COSHRC works in collaboration with State Historical Records Coordinators which carries out its work thorough the State Historical Records Advisory Boards (SHRABs). The SHRABs are based in all over the country. It was in 1975 that NHPRC made it obligatory for all the states to form a SHRAB. The reason behind this was to make it accessible for the carrying out of the NHPRC grant program.

The SHRABs comprises of volunteers and is headed by a NHPRC designated state or territorial archivist. Employing the resources of SHRABs, the COSHRC gets representation from various organizations and institutes including state and local government. Their work extends to both private and public sectors and includes educational institutes and community establishments. Additionally, professional genealogists and historians are also consulted.

The organization holds records on various cities like East Rutherford, Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, Dallas and many more. These cities other than having a rich historical background also hold appeal due to the entertainment they provide. The variety of entertainment available at these cities includes concerts, musicals, sports and much more.

COSHRC holds annual and midyear meetings. The organization has been working actively prioritizing funds, holding needs assessments and various other projects. The findings of the organization have proved to be vital in helping the NHPRC link the issues raised and find their solutions by relating them to other states.

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